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Computational Biology @ SDU

The RöttgerLAB is a computational research group headed by Richard Röttger at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense.

In our work, we focus primarily on various aspects of machine learning and data mining of biomedical data and on developing innovative approaches for systems medicine. Many of the projects are conducted in the close cooperation with the Odense University Hospital as well as with the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. The work group is characterized by its diversity and broad spectrum of applications. We also conduct research projects on applied machine learning and artificial intelligence outside the biomedical domain in close collaboration with industry.

We are also focusing on tackling the largest roadblocks of data-driven research on sensitive data: sensitive, medical data is not allowed to leave the safe harbor of storage, therefore impeding the training of complex machine models. Here, we develop novel federated machine learning applications allowing to be train without the need for the sensitive data to ever leave the safe site of storage. The RöttgerLAB is steering board member and work package leader of the H2020 projects "FeatureCloud" and "Screen4Care". In these projects, we are developing in close collaboration with medical doctors, novel federated machine learning techniques which finally enable the training of artificial intelligence on molecular medical data and electronic health records in a secure and privacy-aware manner.

You can learn more about our research and our projects here.

Looking for a PostDoc

We are looking for a PostDoc to join our lab and work on the fantastic FeatureCloud project. We are establishing novel federated machine learning technologies for the privacy-aware machine learning of multi-OMICS data. PLease find more information about the call and how toa apply here.

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