Single Cell Network Profiler for Extraction of Systems Biology Patterns from scRNAseq Trajectories

Scellnetor Scellnetor is a novel clustering tool for scRNA-seq data that takes Scanpy generated AnnData objects in H5AD file-format as input. With Scellnetor you can compare two sets of cells that you manually select on one of your Scanpy-generated plots. The output will be connected components of genes where the genes are either differently or similarly expressed in the two sets. You can also do a clustering of a single set, where the genes in the connected components are similarly expressed. For every cluster, you get a plot showing mean gene expression and the genes’ 95 % confidence intervals and a table with statistically significant GO-terms.

For full documentation and the webservice, visit the Scellnetor page here.

Project Members

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(Grønning et al., 2020)
  1. Alexander GB Grønning, Mhaned Oubounyt, Kristiyan Kanev, Jesper Lund, Tim Kacprowski, Dietmar Zehn, Richard Röttger and Jan Baumbach. Comparative single-cell trajectory network enrichment identifies pseudo-temporal systems biology patterns in hematopoiesis and CD8 T-cell development. bioRxiv (2020). Link. An extended version of the manuscript is now published in Nature Computational Science.